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Youth Coach and Mentor, Self Worth and Confidence Coach

Helping YOUng People Make Positive Changes

Are you suffering from stress, anxiety or a lack of confidence? Are you struggling with the transition from School/Uni to work? Perhaps you are a parent and your child is nervous, struggling to make new friends and holding back in class as too shy? Coaching is a life-changing experience aimed at creating a safe and confidential space to explore who you are, what you want, and how you can achieve it! Through coaching, get clear on your dreams and build the future that you'll love...

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Hi and welcome to my page! I'm Stacey, a Life Coach working with YOUng People to Make Positive Changes. I coach online and face to face in schools, helping you, the people of the future, to overcome many of the challenges faced by you today - anxiety issues, social awareness and relationships, self awareness, resilience, confidence and communication. I use a variety of methods, including curious questioning, music, goal setting and providing a safe and private space for you to explore your thoughts and feelings. 

 I will help you make small changes over time that add up to a big change in how you see yourself and how you behave toward others, giving you the confidence to put yourself forward and have a go, get noticed by those around you for all the right reasons! We would follow a package of 10+ coaching sessions, setting mini goals and reviewing progress as we go. For under 18s you must seek consent from a parent/Sponsor (Mum/Dad/School) so that they can support in your journey and celebrate your acheievements with you! (Please note that sessions are private so what we talk about is not shared)

I have Coaching experience since January 2021 and an advanced level of training with Animas Centre of Coaching for an ICF accredited qualification. I'm volunteering with the amazing team at Yes Futures to help students at their partner schools with growth and development. I also mentor as part of the Stand Out program with One Million Mentors. I love reading and learning and am continuously expanding my knowledge through research and books. 

I am a parent of 2 and have been a Scout leader for 5 years. I enjoy working with young people in both a formal setting and also out in the community too! I love to learn from our youth and discover new ideas and ways of thinking from them. For me, my biggest reward is to go on this journey of change with you and to watch you grow into the shining stars of our future!


​​​Please check back regularly. I will be updating the page as I go on my journey, take on new challenges and gain qualifications along the way! If you would like to know more about the course at Animas then please click the link below

Please contact me directly for more information or book a FREE, No Obligation, Discovery call today to have a chat and learn how I can help YOU!

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